Monday, January 31, 2011

What Really Matters

This past year I have been truly blessed with many responsibilities. (Well, at some points they seem more like curses)But for the most parts the roles I have been given in many areas at Belmont have taught me so much about life, and less about my career choice--audio engineering. One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that I need to take whatever I am given and use it to help others.

As a producer of the country showcase, and as a leader in Belmont's live audio department I have the opportunity to design an epic concert, use and play with thousands of dollars worth of audio gear, but my favorite part of the positions that I have been given is the fact that I can help other students learn and gain experience with concert production.

This showcase that I have been working on since November will be over two weeks from now, and in two months very few people will even remember what song started the show or who played in the show. But the people that I have been working with since November to plan and execute the show will remember the relationship that we built in the process of building a show. It is this relationship that I want to spend most of my time and effort towards. I want to learn from others and in return help teach younger students what I have learned. In doing so I am learning more about life, less about audio, and more about the things that really matter.